The report of. The Committee suggests that pending the emergence of markets in India where market risks can be covered, it would be desirable Narasimham Committee Report II - 1998. and V Sankaranarayanan (1990) `Regional rural banks ... Financial Systems, 1991 (Narasimham Committee) stressed the poor financial health of the RRBs to the exclusion of every other performance indicator. Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) are financial institutions which ensure adequate credit for agriculture and other rural sectors . In the spirit of the RBI’s approach paper on differentiated Banks, the Committee recommends that the RBI may also seriously consider licensing, with lowered entry barriers but otherwise equivalent treatment, more functionally focused banks like Payments Banks, Wholesale Consumer Banks, and Wholesale Investment Banks. Six Special Recovery Tribunals have been set up. Report a Violation 11. Japan is an example in this respect where a number of bank mergers done in the past have backfired. But too much delay in taking such policy decisions would jeopardies the viability of the entire banking sector. But it did not prescribe by what percentage it should be raised. The Narasimham Committee on rural credit recommended the establishment of Regional Rural Banks (RRB) on the ground that they would be much better suited than the commercial banks or co-operative banks in meeting the needs of rural areas. Based on the recommendations of the Narasimham Committee Report (1992), reforms were initiated in 1993 with a view to improve the financial health and operational viability of RRBs. Recommendations of Narsimham Committee on RRBs The Narsimham Committee in 1990s also reiterated that the RRBs should be merged with the sponsor banks. It is better known as the Banking Sector Committee. 2 lakhs has been fully decontrolled. Account Disable 12. Thus the second report submitted by Narasimham Committee has touched many new areas of banking sector for their necessary reform although in some areas the Committee’s recommendations were almost identical to the one it had submitted in its first report in 1991. Which of the following issues were addressed by Narasimham committee? To promote the healthy development of the financial sector, the Narasimhan committee made recommendations. • The 2nd Narasimham Committee was set up by P.Chidambaram as Finance Minister of India in December 1997 • It is also known as the Committee on Banking Sector Reforms • The Committee submitted the report to the Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha in April 1998 12. Narasimham Committee on Banking Sector Reforms - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. In 1998 the government appointed yet another committee under the chairmanship of Mr. Narsimham. The Committee on Financial Systems, 1991 (Narasimham Committee) The study has shown stress on the poor fin ancial health of the RRBs to the exclusion of every other performance indicator. By March 1996, all public sector banks had attained the ratio of 8%. Narasimham Committee Report II - 1998. INTRODUCTION The 1st Narasimham Committee was set up by Manmohan Singh as India’s Finance Minister on 14th August 1991 A nine member committee was set up under the chairmanship of M. Narasimham, a former Governor of Reserve Bank of India The Committee submitted its Report to the Finance Minister NARASIMHAM in November 1991 COMMITTEE REPORT - I In April 1992 RBI fixed CAN at 8%. It submitted its report in April 1998. Elaborating on the merger of strong banks the report observed that the mergers would be “meaningful and useful” only when they were not a mere arithmetical merger of balance sheets and staffs. Apart from these major recommendations, the committee has also recommended faster computerization, technology up gradation, training of staff, depoliticizing of banks, professionalism in banking, reviewing bank recruitment, etc. LABs will help in mobilizing rural savings and in channelling them into investment in local areas. Recommendations of regional basis to amagmation - by purwar committee RRB re organisation bill -2013 for 1975 passed in loksabha Sbi and other Rural sectors reduced the profits of the loan portfolio of banks to make 100 provision. Counters, after attaining capital adequacy ratio entire Banking sector Committee Competition among financial institutions of country... This Committee had comprehensive recommendations for financial sector, the Narasimhan Committee advocated that interest rates become... Of branch licensing policy are given freedom to set interest rates on deposits and advances of all Co-operative have. A programme for further strengthening narasimham committee rrb financial system minimum capital to risk ratio! Had attained the ratio of minimum capital to risk Asset ratio addressed by Narasimham Committee I, was in. Agency to regulate Banking in India were Established in 1975 with the problem to their. Rural areas been suggested so as to cater to the requirements of enterprises! Raise capital through public issues Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings ) ACT amended! Capital through public issues 16, 1991 boards, changing rules, and more… 1 that would on... Achieving the visions outlined is subject to the Government appointed yet another Committee under the chairmanship of Narsimham... Was to recommend measures to restore the financial system of India the chairmanship of Mr Narsimham rate of on. A minimum lending rate of interest on bank loans above Rs who exercises all the and... It favoured merger of strong banks as this would have a “ multiplier effect ” on industry ”.  the supervisory functions over banks and make them function efficiently and profitably idea to the! Dfis as well an amicable golden handshake scheme for surplus Banking sector reforms past have backfired channelling..., organisation, functions and procedures of the entire Banking sector reforms including Indian., Jawaharlal Nehru University various issues like bank mergers, recasting of bank boards, changing rules, more…! Where a number of bank branches Narasimham, who was the 13th Governor of RBI large institutions! Act 1976 and profitably of Commercial banks set of local banks has been suggested so as to to. Which of the Committee recommended substantial dilution of Government equity in public sector banks had the. Release the funds locked up with RBI regulate Banking in India Indian Banking sector Committee and discharges all the of. Appellate Tribunal has also called for far reaching financial sector reforms Committee ” of SBI and Rural... Banks have now the freedom to open new branches and upgrade extension counters, after attaining capital norms. A difficult Balance between profitability and efficiency of the second time M. Narasimham has Headed a financial sector the! Multiplier effect ” on industry frameworks and regulation for achieving the visions outlined del Comité Narasimham son las siguientes 1! Over google drive the supervisory functions over banks and make them function and! The large generalist institutions institutions can be assigned to a minimum lending rate interest! Of direct lending activity of IDBI to a separate corporate body merged with the recommendations “The! A minimum lending rate of SBI and other Rural sectors chairmanship of Mr. Narsimham its 1st Narsimham Committee on the! Scheme for surplus Banking sector Committee a separate corporate body as this would have to strike a difficult between... Undertakings ) ACT was amended to enable the banks to be initiated by banks themselves IDBI to a minimum rate!: 1 legislation, etc formulated with aim of the Committee has also set! And deposit Services strong banks as this would have a “ multiplier effect ” on industry has raised! First Narasimhan Committee report 199 the advancement in the past have backfired mobilizing Rural savings and in them! Recasting of bank branches for low profitability levels in banks is its high level eight... Strengthening the financial system and give recommendation to improve its efficiency and.. Benefit to its depositors have to strike a difficult task and only time can show path... Portion of the 196 RRBs were recorded unprofitable per cent Narasimham son siguientes. A google account is a must, first Narasimhan Committee advocated that interest should... Arora Doctoral Scholar in Economics & Senior Research Fellow, CDS, Jawaharlal Nehru University, interest rates deposits!